Tuesday, December 11

Release: Training Micromonk

Release date: 2007, December 11
Author: sixFingers
Title: Training Micromonk

We are proud to present our first, little title!
It is a remake of an old pc game I can't even remember the name of.
It was made in a week or so.
Keep the balance for about twenty minutes, through ten levels of difficulty, trying to reach your zen!
But.. pay attention to the turbulent atmosphere of Tibetan mountains.

Have fun!

Monday, December 10

We're here!

Hello folks!
Bordello, inc is a little group of passionate people tied together by the love for independent gaming and game-making.
We produce games for the web - now. Where we will go from here, we'll se in future. We have nothing, but hope and inventive.
To inaugurate our new activity, we present our first, little title: "Training Monk"!
Check it out. While you play, we are working on new titles, on a community section filled with the best stuff from the net, and on a public library of tutorials and articles about the world of free game making.

Have fun!